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Tacos & Smoked Brisket

Many Texans grow up eating Tamales, Tacos & BBQ all day, morning to night. I discovered a passion for the smell of burning oak and the discipline of smoking meat for long hours, occasionally overnight. It's an old-style way of cooking that demands constant attention. These days there are a lot of great smokers that just about cook meat and vegetables on their own. I prefer starting a fire and keeping the firebox fed while maintaining a constant temperature. When you factor in the moisture content of the wood, wind, humidity, and outdoor temperature, you realize cooking this way is an art form. Low & Slow. 

One of my favorite things with smoked meats  is a freshly ground corn tortilla. I buy heirloom kernels from Oaxaca and grind them myself. Try a smoked brisket taco; there's nothing quite like it. 

Tacos, Tamales & BBQ: Welcome


Hatch Chiles with Oaxaca Cheese

Tamales are a great way to showcase heritage corn from Mexico. Cooking and soaking the kernels for a few hours and grinding them into a fine or slightly coarse masa using a Molino and volcanic stone produces an authentic texture and flavor. Fat is key. I like to use traditional lard in my tamales. After mixing, filling, and steaming in a corn husk, the fluffy texture provides a pillow-like bite that melts in your mouth. Smoked shredded meats, various chiles and cheese, and even fruits offer an authentic taste of Mexico. 

Tacos, Tamales & BBQ: Who We Are
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